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Opi Shatter nail polish

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Opi Shatter nail polish is definitely one of this year’s greatest hits. Women are absolutely thrilled about beautiful and modern patterns on their fingernails. If you want to be in touch with fashion you should try out one of many beautiful and trendy colors of O.P.I. Shatter nail polish. If you want to look like a celebrity you should look for trendy colors of Katy Peery collection. If you like lively and shiny colors you will definitely love Turquoise Shatter. If you want to look glamorous you should try out Gold or Silver Shatter. Black Shatter is perfect for those women who like dark shades. You will definitely find the best color for your style. Try out Opi Shatter nail polish and make your nails look trendy and beautiful.

The Opi shatter nail polish is perfect for women who want to give their nails a very interesting and exciting touch. This kind of nail varnish has been very well-received since the first time that Opi released it on the market. Every girl wanted to try it thanks to the unique pattern that this gorgeous nail polish provides you with. The reason why Opi shatter nail polish looks the way it does resides in the combination of special ingredients within the bottle. Therefore, after you are applying the nail varnish, it will create that characteristic crackled look once it dries out. The secret is represented by the fact that the substances interract with each other in this special way that makes them appear shattered.

The first Opi shatter nail polish was based on a black color, being part of many cool and bold manicures. You should consider investing in a black crackled nail varnish if you want to paint your nails in a very powerful and attractive way. A great idea is to apply a base coat consisting in a bright red nuance and use a black shatter nail polish as the top coat. This way, the Opi shatter nail polish will provide you with a manicure that expresses a very strong personality. So if you’re not afraid of standing out in the crowd and look very tough and dramatic, yet very feminine and sexy, you should consider painting your nails based on this interesting kind of pattern.

Except the first black Opi shatter nail polish you can now find many other hues available for this crackled manicures. Some of them are part of the famous collections created by Katy Perry or Serena Williams. This is why you could have your nails painted in a white and even blue Opi shatter nail polish. Each of these nail varnishes offer you even more possibilities of creating captivating and attractive manicures. Putting on a Opi shatter nail polish will instantly make your nails stand out and according to your preferences, you are able to express your style in the best way.

The best part about the Opi shatter nail polish is the fact that it really allows women to put your imagination into practice and create wonderful and gorgeous patterns. If you want to make your manicures look very soft and feminine, yet bold and daring as well, you could decide on designs which involve white crackled nail varnishes combined with a light pink base coat.

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